Greetings, friends!

Yes, I know, I’ve been completely delinquent in updating this project the last few weeks.
BUT, it’s not because I’ve been just dallying about (really); there are reasons…

1) I decided to develop a seasonal collection for the fall and winter
2) I’ve been extremely “photo-challenged”, and I cannot point a camera to save my life
3) I’ve taken on some projects for men which is actually consuming considerably more time than anticipated

Anyhow, done with them excuses – here it is, the first of the seasonal premier!

I’m sure I’m not alone in my penchant towards the golden age of jazz, art deco, and a generally incomprehensible level of excess and enjoyment. One needn’t look far to catch a glimpse of the numerous Gatsby references, for example, to feel the vengence with which Deco has come back into our collective consciousness.

This particular beauty has become my new favourite. It’s the result of finding the perfect piece of fabric, and a fascination with giving Deco a modern touch, if you will. I combined the sleek line of the typical ’20s dress, but simplified the many detail features that would normally be found in the era’s clothing.¬†It features a flat neckline and low-cut back, with a silk satin waistband, and a knee-height vent in the back.¬†Finished in printed rayon and silk satin, this dress has already effortlessly ease its way into many-a functions.

Art Deco long dress, front and back, on a dress form

And for good measure, and good humour, my sketch…

Art Deco long dress sketch


Feature Photography: Andrey Popov (
Feature Model: Christie Romanowski
Make-up: Sarah Mysynuk (